Air Process maintenance is usually a hot, dirty, difficult and sometimes dangerous job. An improperly operating collector can be a production bottleneck, a hazard and/or an environmental problem for its owners.

Many companies today do not have the staff, the expertise nor the time to devote to proper dust collector maintenance. Air Process is committed to being your company's one stop shop for dust collector maintenance. Our mobile field team is always ready to tackle any job with superior service and unmatched quality. Our on-site agents are professionals at generating solutions to potentially hazardous and costly problems that plague your company's bag house.

Full System Evaluation & Service

Key performance items are checked, notated and monitored against prior inspections and original operating settings. Regularly scheduled inspections prevent hazardous emissions, high up or downtime by identifying potential problems before they become major ones. Leak testing can also be provided as part of a walk down or inspection.

In addition to changing filter bags and cages, Air Process professionals will provide pre-coat supplies and labor, leak detection, powder and labor, welding, caulking, minor repairs, rebuilding of solenoid and valves, replacement of air lines and many other convenient services
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